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In this popular trial lawyer podcast, noteworthy author, sought-after speaker, and renowned trial lawyer, Michael Cowen explores critical topics distinctive to the legal profession with some of the biggest names in the industry – specifically focused on developing extremely efficient law practices, securing a competitive edge in the industry, and wildly excelling in the courtroom.

Michael Cowen specializes in personal injury cases involving trucking, commercial motor vehicle, catastrophic injury, oil field accidents as well as product liability, Michael celebrates 25+ years of practicing law and is devoted to passing on his years of experience and lessons learned along the way to his peers in the legal community.

What are our listeners saying?

  • "I work for a small personal injury law firm in Louisiana. My boss is a big fan of Trial Lawyer Nation, and he recommended "The 10 Commandments of Case Management" podcast to myself and the lawyers in the firm. Thank you for taking the time to create content that is a huge help to firms like ours."

    –Louisiana Listener
  • "We’re big fans of the podcast. It’s almost a ritual that our two partners listen and then discuss how we can apply lessons learned from your guests to our own firm."

    – Colorado Firm Listener
  • "I just wanted to thank Michael for his efforts in putting together this fine podcast. It is such a wonderful resource. Whenever I find that I am doubting myself, I find inspiration in these interviews. When I find that I have run out of ideas, I always find something here that helps me break the block."

    – Tennessee Firm Listener
  • "Just finished working out while listening to the podcast episode with Keith, my favorite one so far. I just made Trial Lawyer Nation mandatory listening for all lawyers in our firm."

    – Texas Firm Listener
  • "Another great episode! Keep it up! Nuggets of priceless wisdom for us young lawyers in every single episode! Priceless!"

    – Texas Firm Listener
  • Trial Lawyer Nation great show as always. I have listened to most of your shows. Please keep it up!

    – Texas Listener

Tune In to Our Latest Episodes

#111 – Taking an Unplugged Vacation

As a founder and leading attorney at Cowen Rodriguez Peacock, Michael Cowen has a lot on his plate: he not only drives cases, but he also manages the team, leads meetings, signs checks, and makes sure the financials are in order. It can be hard to imagine what even one day of vacation time would look like for the office in his absence.

#110 – Building a Strong Company Culture

The term “culture” might be the most misunderstood term in corporate America today. But it couldn’t be more important. Don’t miss this episode of Trial Lawyer Nation as Bill and Michael discuss what it takes to build a strong company culture, how to cultivate future leaders, and why “every problem is a leadership problem.”

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