129 – Peter Anderson – Powerful Persuasion: Unveiling Peter Anderson’s Trial Strategies and Energy Secrets

On this episode of Trial Lawyer Nation, host Michael Cowen is joined by Peter Anderson, a former insurance claims manager, renowned trial lawyer, and founder of the Law Offices of Peter M. Anderson. 

They discuss Peter’s innovative use of simple props and analogies to convey complex medical information to juries, the importance of being calm and prepared in trials, and the challenges of selecting arguments. They also delve into the significance of empathy and respect in depositions, Peter’s approach to calculating damages, and the value of self-care in maintaining a successful legal career. Peter shares insights from notable cases he has worked on, emphasizing the importance of knowing oneself and mastering the art of oration, as well as understanding insurance companies’ tracking methods in settlement negotiations.

Featured Guest

Name: Peter Anderson

About: Peter M. Anderson “PMA” is a former insurance claims manager, national trial tactics lecturer, and expert dirt bike racer. He has tried jury trials every year for two decades, and during this time he’s won over 96% of his jury trials. Attorney Anderson has received money in 16 straight jury trials, and in the past two years he has tried five 18-wheeler semi-truck jury trials. Colorado-based attorney Anderson co-counsels large semi-truck cases, and this year, in 2023 alone, he’s received over $12M in jury verdicts, and with his truck crash settlements this year has exceeded $40 million.

Company: www.coloradopersonalinjury.com

Connect: LinkedIn

Episode Highlights

[07:42] Effective communication with props and analogies: Peter uses props and analogies to explain things like nerves carrying pain or illustrating the weight of the human head, to help jurors understand complex concepts.

[13:56] The importance of self-education and personal growth: Peter engages in constant learning through reading trial guides and holding seminars. He also dedicates himself to self-improvement, waking up early to practice voir dire and voice work. 

[25:40] Developing an emotional connection with juries: Peter builds credibility, trust, and emotional connections with jurors by sharing vivid scenes and stories that resonate with them.

[28:27] Gathering powerful stories: Peter spends time listening to clients, seeking powerful moments that emotionally resonate. He uses the “20-20-20 rule” to identify critical aspects of the case.

[33:15] Respecting experts and delivering strong closing arguments: Respecting experts, choosing the moral high ground, and delivering compelling closing arguments that connect with jurors’ emotions are all important.

[49:36] Distinction and board certification for trial lawyers: Peter and Michael discuss the possibility of a distinction or board certification for trial lawyers to recognize the specific skills and dedication required in trial work.

[54:18] Uncertainty and change in the legal industry: Peter and Michael express uncertainty about the future of the legal profession. They discuss the rise of trial teams in advertising firms and the potential impact of non-lawyer ownership of law firms.

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