130 – Malorie Peacock – Keeping Calm Amidst the Chaos: How to Handle Difficult Clients

If you practice law long enough, you are bound to come across a difficult client. On this episode of Trial Lawyer Nation, Michael and Malorie tackle setting expectations for communication, documenting actions taken in each case, and laying the groundwork early for client satisfaction.

The episode also explores the challenges of identifying the source of clients’ demands and concerns, and reminds listeners that it is ultimately the client’s case and that they have the final say.

Additionally, Michael and Malorie discuss the essentials to a successful law practice such as: the importance of keeping promises and the significance of clients who are willing to trust their lawyer’s advice.

Finally, Cowen’s Big Rig Boot Camp CLE Trucking Seminar is discussed, where interested parties can register to learn about topics such as maximizing value in trucking cases, proving corporate negligence in company vehicle cases, and more! Visit Cowen’s Big Rig Boot Camp to register.

Featured Guest

Name: Malorie J. Peacock

About: Malorie J. Peacock is a Partner at Cowen Rodriguez Peacock. She was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and received her J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center. During her time with Cowen Rodriguez Peacock, Malorie has worked on numerous commercial vehicle, trucking, and wrongful death cases. Malorie brings close attention to detail, commitment to finding safety issues and areas of neglect, continued utilization of technology and cutting-edge visuals in cases, along with a sincere passion to help those who have been hurt, to each and every case.

Company: Cowen Rodriguez Peacock

Connect: LinkedIn


Episode Highlights 

[04:31] Trial guide book and Boot Camp announcement: Michael shares his upcoming trial guides book, his mini-method, opening statements guide, & key resources, all available at the Big Rig Boot Camp. 

[06:54] Into the mind of a difficult client: Understanding the reasons behind their clients’ challenges with empathy will enable lawyers to better navigate their clients’ needs during their toughest times. 

[08:28] Navigating demands and emotional challenges of both yourself and your clients: Approach difficult conversations with patience, and focus on getting in the right headspace to listen and to care. 

[11:22] Effective client communication is key to retention: Set clear communication expectations, such as frequency and preferred method of communication, to ensure client satisfaction.

[19:21] Case management programs: Highlighting the benefits of using case management programs to document conversations, provide records, and clarify who spoke with the client.

[22:17] Boundaries and Expectations: It is important to tell clients how and when their lawyer is accessible, and their lawyer’s preferred work style, such as whether they can expect their lawyer to answer an unscheduled phone call from them.

[25:34] Client decision-making in legal cases: Discussing instances where clients demand extreme settlement amounts or engage in negotiation strategies that may hinder the possibility of reaching a favorable resolution.

[33:30] Surviving toxic clients: Is the juice worth the squeeze? Michael and Malorie discuss the importance of identifying when a client is not the right fit, and taking appropriate measures to address such situations.

[40:53] Keeping clients happy: Sharing insights regarding instances where clients may prioritize closure, healing, and emotional well-being over maximizing financial outcomes, and strategies lawyers can use to build trust with their clients.

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