136 – Natalie Arledge – Can You Be a Successful Trial Lawyer Without Being a Sh*tty Parent?

Being an exceptional trial lawyer requires mastering a lot of skills they don’t teach in school. The same can be said for being an exceptional parent. But, sticking the landing on both? That must be a pipedream, right?

On this episode of Trial Lawyer Nation, Michael Cowen and his new Partner, Natalie Arledge, discuss whether it’s possible to be a successful trial lawyer without being a shitty parent. Through the lens of a mom of two, Natalie discusses the challenges of developing as a trial lawyer, her journey from associate to partner, and the unique lessons she learned along the way.

Featured Guest

Name: Natalie Arledge

About: Natalie is a Partner at Cowen | Rodriguez | Peacock and a mom of two. Natalie was born and raised in San Antonio and attended Baylor University for college and law school. When not in the office, Natalie enjoys spending time with her family and their two dogs.

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Episode Highlights 

[3:37] From Associate to Partner: Natalie discusses developing her skills as a trial lawyer and her journey to Partner.

[7:50] Gaining Confidence as a Lawyer: How empathizing with her children and her injured clients helped sharpen her confidence in the courtroom.

[11:20] Observing, Seminars, Mentorship: The benefits of attending seminars, joining associations, networking with peers, and developing mentors.

[14:19] Behind the Wheel of a Big Rig: Micheal and Natalie share valuable lessons learned and their newfound appreciation for the trucking driving experience after getting behind the wheel at the Montana truck driving school.

[18:23] Life as a Lawyer and Parent: Success begins with focusing on being efficient with your time and understanding you simply cannot be present in both roles at the same time.

[23:12] Maternity Leave: Natalie reveals her fears and insecurities going into maternity leave, as well as the guilt of passing off her cases to her colleagues.

[31:37] Closing Advice: Developing a killer mindset, nailing depositions, crossing witnesses, and getting the defense to pay top dollar.

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