138 – Unlocking Success: Rick Friedman on Trying Cases, Self-Improvement, and Framing Moral Truth

Losing is what helps us develop as trial lawyers. If you quit too early after losing a case, you will never know the success you could have had.

On this episode of Trial Lawyer Nation, Michael Cowen speaks with renowned trial lawyer and highly influential author, Rick Friedman. Rick has won multiple nine-figure verdicts, including a verdict against Monsanto for $72 million. What is the secret to Rick’s success? Getting out of his own way.

Tune in to learn more about how to frame “moral truth” for the jury and how “uncomfortable facts” can become good facts by controlling the narrative.

Featured Guest

Name: Rick Friedman

About:   Rick Friedman is a partner at Friedman | Rubin who built his reputation representing regular people and small businesses injured by large corporations and government entities. He has won large verdicts in difficult cases in the fields of personal injury, defamation, insurance bad faith, and business torts. His books are considered essential reading among trial lawyers and include: Rules of the Road, Polarizing the Case, Becoming a Trial Lawyer, The Elements of Trial, and The Way of the Trial Lawyer

Company:  Friedman | Rubin, PLLP | LinkedIn

Connect:  LinkedIn

Episode Highlights 

[02:47] How the journey to becoming a great trial lawyer began: Early on, Rick immersed himself in “trial stuff”. Whether it was a book on opening statements or reading about social science, Rick credits various books as having a big influence on his development as a lawyer. 

[09:49] Get out of your own way: Rick learned a valuable lesson along the way—not every verdict is a referendum on your worth as a human being and your quality as a lawyer. 

[17:04] The power of therapy: Rick and Michael discuss how therapy improved their trial skills.

[22:06] Battle of moral truths: In virtually every case, there’s a conflict going on between certain moral values. The way lawyers frame that moral conflict impacts how jurors view the issues and how they decide the issues. 

[26:55] Flip the facts: Rick explains how almost every “bad” fact can become a good fact by controlling the narrative. 

[30:20] Rules of the Road: Rick talks about his book, how he develops the ‘rules of the road’ in his own cases, and the importance of simplifying the case for jurors. 

[40:59] Maximize your potential: You’ll always do better by just being yourself. Work with what you have, and don’t try to be the next somebody else.

[49:25] Continuous improvement: Lawyers are like messengers–delivering facts to the jury. Good messengers are those who do not promise anything they can’t deliver, are prepared, and are honest.

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