149 – Robert Ingalls – The Power of a Podcast: Build Trust with Prospects Before They Pick Up the Phone

Can lawyers really get cases from their podcasts? Robert Ingalls built a business banking on just that. In this episode of Trial Lawyer Nation, host Michael Cowen welcomes LawPods CEO and Founder (and recovering lawyer) Robert Ingalls to discuss how lawyers are using podcasts to fuel their businesses and personal brands.

Podcasts have the ability to create an immediate connection between the hosts and their audiences. Informal conversations on a podcast give lawyers a unique opportunity to convey emotion and build rapport with their listeners, an area where corporate videos and other promotional materials often fall short.

Tune in to learn how to use your podcast to establish yourself as an authority, nurture leads, boost the size of your network, and turn your podcast into a content marketing machine.

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Featured Guest

Name: Robert Ingalls | LinkedIn

About: Robert is a recovering attorney, speaker, and the Founder and CEO of LawPods, one of the first podcast production agencies for law firms. At LawPods, Robert and his team help busy lawyers produce and promote branded podcast content that builds relationships and drives revenue. He’s also a dedicated husband, #GirlDad, and avid longboard skateboarder.

Company: LawPods

Connect: LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter/X 

Episode Highlights 

[02:16] Life before podcasts: Robert began his career as a criminal defense attorney, but it wasn’t long before he was having second thoughts.

[06:45] Go big or go home: Changes in his personal life and career-related mental health challenges sent Robert on a path that led to him listening to his first podcast. Within a month, he owned all the gear and began to launch his first podcast at his law firm.

[10:21] How LawPods helps: Robert discusses the primary ways lawyers leverage podcasting in their firms.

[13:19] Unexpected connections: The unexpected ways podcasts have been beneficial to lawyers personally and professionally.

[18:20] Thought leadership: How firms position themselves as thought leaders by being the first mover–and the first voice people turn to–when relevant legal updates are released.

[23:46] Promoting your podcast: Real examples are successful podcast promotion strategies.

[27:49] To be, or not to be: Monologue format versus conversational.

[33:17] Don’t look for instant ROI: Ultimately, podcasting is content marketing, and it’s unlikely to change your fortune overnight. If you need your marketing dollars to duplicate immediately, Robert recommends you consider other avenues.

[37:40] Always start with the listener in mind: Pick the most effective topics to discuss and clips to promote your podcast by starting with the listener in mind. What pain point is someone listening to your podcast experiencing? That’s what your talk about.

[44:43] Is the market oversaturated?: tl;dr? Not even close. And not when the content is valuable. Podcast consumption is up across every metric, and new podcasts that put the listener first–and do it professionally–are thriving.

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