157 – Przemek Lubecki – Focus on Process and Human Connection for Trial Success

Many people hate losing. Trial lawyers are no different. But can ignoring the thought of winning or losing a trial actually increase your chances of victory?

In this episode of Trial Lawyer Nation, Michael Cowen hosts attorney Przemek Lubecki of New Orleans law firm Morris Bart. Michael and Przemek cover many topics, from embracing the performative aspect of trial, making connections with jurors, and how focusing on the process instead of the outcome can lead to wins at trial. Przemek also shares a story about one of his proudest verdicts, the CEVA case.

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Featured Guest

Name: Przemek Lubecki

About:  Przemek Lubecki was born in Poland and practiced law in Chicago before landing in New Orleans. Przemek has tried over 100 cases to verdict, and his practice focuses mainly on personal injury lawsuits. He received his bachelor’s degree from Tulane University, and was a Golden Gloves boxer in Chicago after earning his law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law in 2005.

Company:  Morris Bart

Connect: LinkedIn

Episode Highlights 

[01:39] Get to Know Przemek: Przemek is a Polish political refugee who came to New Orleans via Chicago. He worked hard for a law degree, passed the par, then sat first chair at trial the day after being sworn in as an attorney. Hear why being a trial lawyer is Przemek’s American Dream.

[08:23] From Defense to Plaintiff:  After cutting his teeth with an insurance defense firm in Chicago, Przemek moved to New Orleans and began doing plaintiff’s work. Being a plaintiff’s lawyer “is a lot harder then I even had anticipated,” he admits, but is also profoundly rewarding.

[11:36] From the Ring to the Courtroom: Applying philosophies from sports psychology and the experience of being an amateur boxer to being a trial lawyer has helped Przemek shift his mindset in a way that sets him and his clients up for victory.

[13:45] The People Connection: Being able to connect with jurors on a human level will give any lawyer a competitive edge. Valuing those connections has allowed Przemek to get comfortable being uncomfortable so he can adjust and adapt to adversity during trial. 

[20:55] Helping Others Develop Skills: Working with colleagues to develop important trial skills together is a great way to both hone your own skills and share your knowledge with others. Just learning a little bit every week can be helpful. “I’ve got guys that have made tremendous progress and they’re going to be killers when they get into the courtroom just by putting in a little bit of work every week,” says Przemek.

[23:31] Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome: Focusing on the outcome during trial will increase your anxiety. Instead, focus on the process and on making human connections and the victories will follow. 

[30:51] The CEVA Case: When asked to share one of his proudest verdicts, Przemek focused on a case against trucking company CEVA. He describes the reprehensible behavior by the defense, how he made exemplary damages palatable to the jury, and how he was ultimately able to secure an eight-figure verdict for his client.

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